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Zoning regulations (ordinances) have traditionally been the premier land use tool in most jurisdictions. Each community will have varying concerns and needs that find expression in the zoning regulations. Most of the time when commercial, industrial real estate under sale or purchase, lending institutions, real estate attorneys and title insurance companies will require a zoning report be prepared before closing.


We work closely with communities to help create a vision for its future and from there develop a comprehensive plan that reflects the vision as well as the resources and political environment of the community.


Out team is able to utilize the broad experience we have enabling us to work closely with our clients and municipalities to produce comprehensive economic and annexation studies, market analysis's, evaluation and appraisal reports, and much more 

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We always encourage communities to view zoning as a land use tool to implement the jurisdiction’s comprehensive plan. Zoning regulations should always be in support of and further the comprehensive plan. Hence, we encourage a community to have an adopted comprehensive plan and then develop zoning regulations that are consistent with and not in conflict with the comprehensive plan. There are many situations where a community’s plan is not supported by the Zoning regulations. We can offer the insights and reformulation of the zoning regulations to be consistent with, supportive and in furtherance of the comprehensive plan. Often, this will not require a total rewrite of the zoning ordinance.


Our team has extensive experience in the preparation of thousands of reports.  In most cases such reports beginning with a preliminary zoning report can be completed in 3 weeks or less (provided a survey of the property exists with a final report completed upon receiving documents from the city or county.  We can provide a survey for the client, if one does not exist)  Our price structure is very competitive for the different zoning report products we offer.

  • Full Zoning Report

    • Includes a legal conformance determination of the subject property, zoning verification letter, certificates of occupancy, open code violations, site plan approvals, special use permits, condemnation proceedings, zoning requirements, and copies of the applicable zoning code​

  • Zoning Summary 

    • Includes a zoning verification letter from the subject municipality, zoning requirements for the subject property, and applicable zoning code​

  • Zoning Letter

    • Includes a zoning verification letter on municipal letter head obtained and reviewed by our specialist ​​​​​​

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Our team has developed Comprehensive Plans (aka General Plans) for many cities and counties, and in particular following the requirements of Chapter 163 FS and 9J-5 FAC in Florida and California Government Code Sec. 65300. Surveys are done identifying the stakeholders and the issues and priorities.  Through a series of public meetings, goals, objectives and policies are formulated and a plan is developed that hopefully will meet with the broad support of the elected and appointed officials and the general public of the community.  The final result should be a plan that is solid and implementable.



While zoning regulations have a lead role in supporting and furthering the comprehensive plan, it is quite fair to say that subdivision regulations, which control the actual layout of proposed new development, has a more direct impact on the physical development and appearance of a community. We develop or adjust subdivision regulations that will reflect the character of the community in response to the desires and goals of the public and the elected representatives and those in the comprehensive plan.This is done through a series of meetings with the various stakeholders.

Over time some parts of a city or county will experience aging infrastructure, deteriorating housing stock blight and associated social ills that attend to such conditions.  Communities around the country have sought to eliminate such conditions through redevelopment programs.  A “Finding of Necessity” is usually declared based on slum or blighted conditions and that rehabilitation of such conditions and areas is required in the interest of the “public health, safety, mores and welfare” of the residents of the jurisdiction.  A Redevelopment Agency is established and a Community Redevelopment Area is established and a redevelopment plan prepared.  Our team has worked on several redevelopment plans involving TIF and CDBG funding, with other sources of funding available for redevelopment.


Our company can provide title, boundary, as-built surveys to residential, commercial and industrial clients, per ALTA/NSPS.  This type of detailed survey encompasses all aspects of the boundary and the locations of improvements and identifies any clouds or possessions that would negatively impact the status of the property.   The ALTA survey is accepted in all states and is the highest standard in the industry.   Such a survey is most often requested by lenders, title companies and attorneys when transacting for the purchase, selling or initiation of loans on a property. An Alta survey can be a significant basis on which an evaluation of whether or not or on what terms to move forward with an acquisition.


Design Guidelines are often written for historic districts or a specific area or neighborhood to help preserve an architectural style and sense of place.  Such guidelines serve as the basis for preserving the style and the sense of place across the designated district rather than having the jurisdiction negotiate with the developer on a case-by-case basis.  Such written down design guidelines help a jurisdiction avoid charges of unfairness or legal challenges.  Our team has experience in the writing of such guidelines, which are often found in the zoning ordinance.

Site Plan


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To assess the potential of a specific site, a site analysis is prepared by our experienced staff that takes into consideration the local and regional market with respect to demographics, economic base, development trends, local and regional accessibility, physical/geographic factors, and turned into a SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats)



  • Our team starts from the view that every site is unique though it may not appear so at first glance, and is viewed in the larger physical, environmental, and social context.  We adopt the philosophy of Ian McHarg in his Design with Nature.  We are sensitive to the environment and its potentials and limitations and work to meet the desires and outcomes of the client while taking into consideration the interests and concerns of the community.  We seek opportunities to promote the concepts of new urbanism and smart growth where appropriate.

  • Our staff can have prepared a Site Plan with various degrees of detail depending on the client’s needs, ranging from a Plot Plan involving property lines, principle structure, lot dimensions and measurements between significant features, along with north arrow and scale; to General Site Plan that includes additional items such as tree cover/landscape, driveway, parking spaces, curbing (usually accepted by building departments and HOAs.)

  • Site plan review is a process that ensures that any new developments, or expansions of existing developments, comply with all of the appropriate land development regulations and that they are consistent with the jurisdiction’s comprehensive plan, zoning and other requirements.  We have many years of experience in site plan reviews for both public and private sector clients ranging from the small to the large involving residential, commercial and industrial developments and planned unit developments.  We note where, at times, a variance or special exception may be appropriate.  Review is made for extent and completeness of the required submittal documents.

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  • Economic studies are an essential element in the planning for the future development and financial viability and sustainability of a jurisdiction.  Most Comprehensive Plans require and Economic Element as part of the plan.  Our team has prepared economic studies and Economic Elements for cities and counties.


  • Cities largely grow through annexation of adjacent land, for various reasons with some taking the view that “What is urban should be municipal” (per League of California Cities). Provision of urban services and control of development of adjacent areas are the main reasons for annexation.Cities will do a cost-benefit analysis and strategies for potential annexations. Our staff have prepared annexation studies for cities and worked closely with city staffs and political representatives and stakeholders to ensure a thorough and implementable approach to annexations.


  • One should not buy or sell a property without having a well-grounded knowledge of the local and regional market for such property. A real estate market analysis serves as the basis for rational well-founded decision making and proforma forecasting. Real estate investment should not be done on a whim and a hunch which so often leads to serious loss of assets. Our staff have a background in commercial and residential real estate, conducting market analysis and closing transactions.


  • Rapid growth can outrun public services and the location of such growth may be less desirable given certain physical and financial constraints. As in most situations, growth cannot be stopped, but can be controlled and timed with regard to sequential extension of public services on a phased basis based on capital budgeting. Without such control and timing, the result will be urban sprawl, leapfrog development and a waste of land, resources and energy. Our staff has experience in the preparation of timing of development analysis.

  • Jurisdictions will often use a housing needs analysis to delineate issues and proposed remedies that can be used to develop housing objectives and policies. Such an assessment can be used to secure funding for residential projects focused on needs of the overall community or for specific underserved populations.It can also be used to show that there is not a need in certain housing categories. Our team has prepared a housing needs analysis for a very large development proposal.


  • Comprehensive Plans are not to be viewed as static documents but as a dynamic document.  The plan should be monitored regularly for effectiveness and any inadequacies.  Our staff has written a number of reports evaluating the effectiveness and deficiencies in the Comprehensive Plan along with recommendations.

  • Per 163.3191 Florida Statutes / Environmental Impact Review  most cases; California Government Code



  • Grant Writing

    • Our team has written a number of grants for local governments with some funding awarded by the state.

  • Public Outreach

    • Community Outreach Plans

    • Key public & private sector stakeholders

    • Coordination with private and public agencies

    • Meetings

    • Media Coordination

  • Municipal Staff Subcontracting (on-call)

    • Remote (and at times in person) support staff for ongoing planning and development review activities

    • Special land development projects

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